School Harvest Party

Arlington Hills closed up its garden season with a harvest party.  Students from our advanced ESL class, wrote recipes, planned and organized cooking teams, and cooked a meal for around 100 people! Other classes assisted with vegetable harvest, banquette set-up, and clean-up.  Our preschool children sang an apple song and the school participated in Bingo fun!  Dishes from around the world were sampled and enjoyed.  To date, our school garden has yielded over 580 pounds of produce!  That is the equivalent of 2 black bears, one female zebra, almost 4 deer, 116 chickens, 240 squirrels, or 4,384 eggs!

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“To dream a garden and then to plant it is an act of independence and even defiance to the greater world.” – Stanley Crawford

Eura came back to Open Door today and was so happy to see how big all the plants have grown! She was amazed by how tall the okra became and how beautiful the flowers looked. Great job to all the teachers and students who have helped to create such a lovely and fruitful garden!


Garden and library make perfect ones needs.  A garden means the field that was planted – fruits, vegetables, flowers.  Everyone needs daily diet to eat fruits and vegetables.  Everyone likes flowers for decoration.  All of these come from the garden.  Without the garden, there are no fruits, no vegetables nor flowers.

For example, our Open Door Learning Center has a school garden.  We planted many kinds of vegetables.  We harvest it about every week and we got over 100 lbs of vegetables.  Students can take vegetables home for food.  That means the school garden fulfills some parts of student needs.

On the other hand, about the library: A library means a place or room where there are many story books.  One proverb has said that knowledge is coming from the book.  For example, if we want to know something about knowledge, we can’t find it without books.  Therefore a library can let us know what we need.

So, if we have a garden and a library, we have everything we need.

- Open Door Learning Center student, Lwai Moo

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“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” – Cicero


Teacher Meghan’s class were busy picking and harvesting ripe vegetables in the South Garden. On the menu today are tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, peppers, green beans, peas, radishes, and cucumber!  The class brought home over 14 lbs of vegetables today!

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Grocery Shopping in the Garden


Flower Arranging




On Friday, students from the Employment Readiness class picked flowers and made beautiful flower arrangements.  The flowers were given to Arlington Hills Lutheran Church for church service on Sunday. It is a small way to say thank you to our generous church partner.

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Why I like the Garden

My favorite part of the garden is peas because it is good for me. I like okra because it is very nice. I like green beans because good food. I like flowers because is beautiful for the house.  Esther

Students in South Garden

My name is Omar. My favorite part of the garden is tomatoes and green beans because is healthy and I like it so much!

Tomatoes 2

I like peppers and green beans for dinner. I like okra because I cook for breakfast. I like eggplant and tomatoes for dinner. I like flowers. Sabitri

Okra 2

I like zucchini. I like eggplant. I like okra. I like green beans. I like tomatoes. Saw Shwe

Zucchini 3

My favorite part of the garden is tomatoes. I like tomatoes because I like to eat for dinner. Hsez Eh Paw


My favorite part of the garden is eggplant. I like eggplant because I cook breakfast and dinner. I like to eat. I like to eat okra. Ker Ler


My favorite part of the garden is tomato. I like to eat tomatoes.  I like marigold. Say Ra

Marigold -Say Ra

My favorite part of the garden is green beans because is good and be strong. I like onion because is cooking curry is very good. I like eggplant because is very good fruit. Gay Nay Hser

Zucchini and students

My favorite part of the garden is tomato. I like marigold. I like to eat tomato. I like to eat zucchini. Ta Lah