Week’s Updates

It’s been a busy week for the garden here at Open Door. Here are a few updates:

  • With the help of Kinfe and Mary, we finally got our raised bed built! We will be using it for perennial herbs and placing it right next to the South Garden.
  • After some time trying to figure out a drip irrigation system for our South Garden, we have decided to place soaker hoses throughout the plots instead. After a few test runs yesterday, it looks like this system is the most efficient and effective. We’re buying more hoses today so that we can finish setting up the entire garden and give everything a good watering before another hot weekend!
  • Mary’s Job Club worked hard on Thursday to filter our compost and bring it to the raised bed. Students shoveled compost from a huge pile into a shopping cart which helped to separate big rocks, sticks, and other debris from the dirt. Teacher Barb’s class also helped out by watering the tomato seedlings and the North garden.

Up next: planting our perennial herbs!


Coral’s Video Debut and Our New Raised Bed

Kinfe practiced his carpentry skills by building us a raised bed! We’ll use the bed for theĀ chives, parsley, and our other perennial herbs.

Coral, one of our volunteers, has been taking photos of theĀ gardening process and recently created a video for us to share as well. Enjoy!


Tomatoes and New Additions to the North Garden

Friday was a busy garden day for our students here at Open Door Arlington Hills. Paul’s class, with the help of our volunteer Coral, began with planting tomato seedlings into large pots. These pots will make up our container garden in the courtyard. Here the seedlings can soak up the sun and grow tall!

Mary’s Job Club then had the task of planting in both the North and South gardens. Students planted jalapeno peppers and eggplant in the South garden while another group put in okra and collard green seedlings in the North. All in all, busy day of planting! Hopefully they’ll get lots of sunshine (and maybe a little rain) over the long weekend.

Happy Memorial Day!


Eggplants and Radishes and Peas, Oh My!

Our garden finally got some plants today! Teacher Mary’s Job Club class transplanted eggplant seedlings as well as planted peas and radishes. They also got the hose out and watered the flowers and vegetables. It’s warm out today so I’m sure the plants appreciated the drink.


May Showers Bring May Flowers


Today was a big day for the garden! Jessica’s class worked hard to rake the South garden and pick out any large particles. Then they split the garden up into sections. When we start planting, each seedling and seed will have a specific place to grow.

Mary’s Job Club returned to the South garden later today to plant flowers along the edges. Although they’re little now, they’re already beautiful and brightening up the place!


Fencing the South Garden

Mary’s Job Club did a fantastic job of putting fencing up around the South Garden today. Good thing the weather cooperated! We hope to put in more composting and start planting in the next few days.